“When I moved here this was all closed. This was all started and constructed by Willie Brown, a black man. You know who he is right?”
‘Yeah, I was just reading about him in San Francisco magazine. It was the April 2015 issue about the role he played in Chinese people being elected and appointed in government office.”
“Him appointing Chinese people is absolutely fine but think about the relationship China has with holding our national debt. Also, their reach into Africa. There’s all this new Chinese money because they’re involved and benefitting from the resources in Africa. All the apple phones, all the copper, all the zinc is mined in Africa through the Chinese. So Willie Brown may have done some things but his being elected wasn’t dependent on the Chinese vote, it was dependent on the white upperclass. None of that does anything for the black folks that live here, we’ve been being pushed out of here since around 1988.”


July 15, 2015