“What’s the biggest struggle you’ve overcome and what did you learn?”
“My biggest struggle was learning to live by my own standards. For much of my life I let other people’s thresholds of success define my own. Deciding to set my own unique path was scary, and took some adjustment. But, it was worth it. For me, choosing a career was a very long and tedious process. I initially wanted to work in education and social activism, and had a real ability to be successful in that space. However, the older I got, the more burnt out I started to feel. I realized that I will always have a passion for social impact, but I do not have to use traditional avenues to explore that passion. I realized I could explore it through business or entrepreneurship, and that was ok. Coming to terms with the fact that I no longer aspired to be the face of social activism, or no longer aspired to be a lawyer or educator took a long time. The ability to proudly say ‘I could align myself with a traditional activist path, but I do not want to’ means a lot to me. Now, I’m at a point where I have found a way to align all of my interests. I would have never gotten here had I given into the pressures I felt. I am interested in helping under-represented minorities establish careers in the tech industry, and I have already begun efforts to do so. I’m proud of the journey that has gotten me to this point.”


July 31, 2015