“What’s your purpose?”
“To help people become the best versions of themselves, both personally and professionally. I aim to rid people of the limiting beliefs that others try to convince them of. I dare people to be bold, and to just go for it – whatever that ‘it’ is in their life. For example, I recently began a career in keynote speaking where my mantra is ‘Leadership. Unlocked.’ During my talk, I use my past experiences as a collegiate athlete to help people internalize leadership and entrepreneurial lessons. After an event in East Palo Alto, one woman from the audience approached me in tears and told me how much she appreciated my work. She said that it felt so good to hear someone tell her that she could do something special, after a life where people always tried to bring her down. She was a single mother, ran into some rough patches in life, and every day something tested her will to keep going. She’d been doing her best, and had made so much progress, but told me that hearing her thoughts and motivations verbalized by me really helped her out. She literally stood there cry-talking for about 15 minutes. That moment affirmed my purpose.”


July 31, 2015