“How was your festival?”
“I experienced magic this weekend. I felt it. I bathed in it. I breathed it. Most importantly, I learned from it. I wondered and I wandered. I recognized people I knew in the faces of strangers I never met. I laughed from a familiar place within me that I neglected for so long that it almost felt foreign. I drank in the sunset at Mt. Shasta. I laid in a hammock drinking coconut masala chai, staring at the trees. I took off my shoes and danced in the forest under a canopy of redwood trees in Oregon. I lost track of time. My heart expanded. I confronted my own painful truths. I healed. In a society where it is exhausting to be black and to be a woman, I discovered what it meant to feel liberated. As a people, we are still held captive in so many ways, but I was rejuvenated this weekend and reminded that the most organic freedom we can ever experience is rooted in self. No person can ever own our spirit. There is power in that.”


September 9, 2015