“What’s one of your proudest accomplishments?”
“My work. I I work with autistic kids. Watching them progress and get better. Even small little things like when they make eye contact. I feel accomplished when I see them growing.”
“Cool. What inspired you to get involved in that kind work?”
“Fear. I was afraid that if I was ever gonna have kids they would be autistic so I thought why not face that fear.”
“That’s pretty unique. Do you usually go straight towards your fears?”
“Where does that come from? Your parents?”
“No. I’m really into spiritual growth. I like to challenge myself.”
“What sparked your interest in spirituality?”
“I have 16 years sobriety so it all started from recovery and it grew from there. Since I moved to San Francisco there’s been so many things I’ve dipped into spiritually and I thrive off of it.”


October 8, 2015