Him – “We met a year ago today in a yoga class. She was wearing this gangster gold watch while doing yoga-“

Her – “Rosegold-”

Him – “Gold plated-”


Him – “And I was like ‘who is this girl’?”

“What’s rosegold?” 

Her – “It’s a color of gold that’s softer so it doesn’t look bling at all.”

Him – “So we ended up having the worst 2 hours of a first date ever-”

Her – “It wasn’t supposed to be a date-”

Him – “And then we ended up spending 20 consecutive days together.”

“How’d it go from the worst date ever to 20 consecutive days together?”

Her – “We ended up at Rev cafe-”

Him – “And the live music-”

Her – “Changed our mood and the vibe. I felt like we actually saw each other after that.”

Him – “She was only supposed to only be in town like two days, she had a flight out of the country, but I keep getting free tickets to really cool events and she pushed back her flight.”

“I love falling in love but 20 days seems like a lot…did you ever feel the need to take space?” 

Her – “No, we were just flowing. I had time to chill, he had time to chill, and we were just able to surrender.”


“Any advice for how to maintain that sort of flow in a relationship?”
Him – “I feel like that challenges that come up in a relationship are challenges within yourself so you can use the relationship as a container to continue the work.”
Her – “There’s something about having done the work before you go deep with someone, but also continuing that work with the person through the process of getting to know each other. If you’re not on the same page before that then you’re not going to understand each other.”
“Is there anything you’ve had to work on in your relationship and what insight do you have into navigating those things?”
Her – “For me it’s communication. We have different communication styles and I think that’s created the most friction. We weren’t always knowing how to process, or dissolve, or work through at times. It’s definitely been a learning experience and is still a work in progress.”
Him – “Definitely communication. I’d say there’s a lot of value in understanding how each person processes, and respecting their own journey. You support that piece the best you can.”


“What’s one of your favorite things about her?”
Him – “It sounds cliche but it’s always her eyes. When I saw her eyes I was like, ‘Oh! Here we go’.”
Her – “I love his enthusiasm. He just has boundless energy and I can’t keep up sometimes but I love it! He can keep going and keep contributing to any experience that we’re having.”
“Thanks for sharing.”
Him – “Thank you. Since it’s the 1 year anniversary of our first date we were trying to recreate that day. At then end of our first date a guy on the street drew a portrait of us and we were thinking getting a portrait done would be the hardest part of recreating that day…but you just did it for us. Now we have something to mark the beginning and 1 year in.”


November 20, 2015