“How do you know each other?”

Her – “We went to school together. We used to date, now we’re friends.”

“How long ago did you date?”

Him – “Half a year ago or so.”

“It’s cool you can still be friends.”

Her – “If you actually love someone you shouldn’t be salty with them.”


“What’s one of your favorite things about him?”

Her – “He’s a good person and that’s hard to find.”

“What’s that mean to you?”

Her – “Someone who is aware of who they are and their position in the world.”

“What’s one of your favorite things about her?”

Him – “She doesn’t give a fuck.”


“How do you like to express love?”

Her – “I like to keep people in their place. If you love someone you have to tell them when they’re fucking up and when they’re doing good. When you care about someone you have every right to hit them upside the head sometimes.”

937A4268Him – “I guess just be real with them. Support them in what they do.”


February 3, 2016