Ewok and Holly

SOULSEnvision2016 - EwokandHolly-1

“How do you two know each other?”

Him – “Through a refraction beam of light on the tip of a fractal.”


“What’s one of your favorite things about him?”

Her – “His laugh.”

Him – “She likes my fart noises too.”SOULSEnvision2016 - EwokandHolly-3

“How do you like to express and receive love?”

Her – “I like to receive love by eating the food he cooks for me.”

Him – “I like to express love by preparing high intention beautiful experiences. I like to receive love through her eye contact. Seeing the beautiful unconditional expression of the essence of pure love.”

Her – “I like to express love through touch…and eye contact.”


March 30, 2016