Rachel Brathen

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“What’s one of your favorite things about yourself?”

“My ability to listen and be present with people.”

“How’d you hone that ability?”

“I think it’s the receiving and releasing of energy. I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of time with very spiritual people and I can take that energy to my heart and give it back.”

“What’s your greatest challenge?”

“My greatest challenge is slowing down. It always has been since I was little. Remembering to take breaks…and not to work too hard. Work is fun, it’s also play, but I struggle with that.”

“Do you get signals from your body that you’re going to hard?”

“Always. Immediately it’s my back. My upper back and neck start getting stiff and then eventually I throw my back out. It happens once a year every other year and then I know I need to take a vacation. I’m learning as I go.”

“What’s the number one thing you do to slow down?”

“Practice yoga. I do that every morning. If I don’t have my practice my day doesn’t start off as well. It’s also taking the yoga off the mat and learning how to apply what you learn in stressful situations. The practice that we do on the may is just the beginning. Learning how to cultivate presence. Learning how to utilize your breath and the potential you have to create presence when you need it is one of those things that you can take off the mat into your daily life. I think of my practice as a little airbag around me so that when drama hits or something difficult happens I don’t have to react right away. I have a little bit of space to take it in and look at the objective side and ask ‘what is the actual truth of this moment’.”

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“What’s your purpose?”

“I want to inspire people to seek within themselves to find a deeper acceptance, or truth, or self love. It’s not so much about the poses we practice. It doesn’t have to be yoga for everyone, just more so inquiring. And finding that path of self love because I think that’s our greatest challenge as a society, especially for women. If I can inspire one person to realize how fucking beautiful they are I think I’ve done good.”


March 30, 2016