Sasha Sushii

SOULSEnvision2016 - SashaSushii-1

“What’s your dream for your life?”
“To inspire people. Through teaching…and just meeting and connecting with people. Getting them to think outside the box. Not always having to be status quo. Embracing and accepting anything that happens. If there are things that some people would consider flaws on weaknesses finding a way to use those things to make you unique and stronger.” SOULSEnvision2016 - SashaSushii-2

“I also want to inspire and educate through art. I’m doing a portrait series depicting the wide color continuum of black people. There’s not many people that paint black people. Kehinde Wiley is one person doing it but it’s usually underground. We’re often highlighted in all the wrongs ways so I want to flip the switch.” SOULSEnvision2016 - SashaSushii-3

“Where did you learn to think outside the box?”
“I went to a Waldorf school in Sebastopol where we didn’t take tests. You don’t have classes. You have blocks. You’ll do Math for 3 months. Then you do History for 3 months. You listen to a lot of stories. You write a lot. You draw a lot. You take your own notes and turn it into an illustration in a book. There’s no wrong. I didn’t know how to take tests for the longest time…I only knew how to ask questions, take down information and question everything.”


April 6, 2016