David and Lizzie


“What are y’all most excited about during the festival?”
Lizzie – “I’m very excited to see all my friends and just have a great weekend hanging out on the water.”
David – “I’m open to letting in all the good vibes and relaxing.”
“What’s one thing you don’t want to miss?”
David – “I don’t know. I don’t set my upset for scheduling like that.”
“What’s one of your favorite things about Lizzie?”
“She is just as kooky and weird as I am. I can always feel comfortable knowing she’s gonna find something funny that I think is funny that no one else laughs at.”
davidandlizzie-2“Same question for you?”
“I love that he’s a good partner. He pushes me to be the best. He pushed me to finish school, which was hard. He really just wants to see me be happy and successful for whatever that means.”
“What do you think people can take away from this experience to incorporate into their real lives?”
David – “Well I know Symbiosis is trying to steer away from being a transformational festival but I think these things are really important to help people realize that we’re all just humans. We’re just friends that haven’t met each other yet. People have these walls that they provide for themselves. They don’t allow themselves to smile to a stranger. These types of festivals allow people the opportunity to engage with their fellow humans.”
Lizzie – “I would say just seeing people try to express themselves to their fullest is a really big inspiration. Whatever is your way of expressing yourself whether it’s dance, or sewing, or painting, just getting inspired here and taking that further into your life outside of here.”davidandlizzie-3


October 3, 2016