Marc Anthony


“I like to create things for the world that makes everyone laugh.”

“Who’s your greatest inspiration?”

“My mom is my inspiration. She can make me positive all the time and without her, I don’t know what I would do.”

937a9246“Is there a specific time when you were having a hard time and she helped you?”

“We’ve both had tough times. My dad left, which killed us. I was probably 10, my sister was 7. She didn’t care much. It hurt because I spent a lot of time with my dad…it’s pretty hard to really expose how he left because it’s pretty bad.”

“My dad left too so I know all about that.”

“Yeah, it hurt me to see how it hurt my mom. She was almost to the point of giving up, but she was a hard worker, and she’s happy now.”

“What’s something you love about your mom?”

“She’s very independent. She’s really strong mentally.”

“What’s your dream for the next 5 years of your life?”

“I want to make a living as a creator that makes people smile.” 937a9247


October 24, 2016