Dhaval Chadha


“The first time I visited San Francisco was during college for spring break. My experience of this city was that it was very inspirational. People were working on awesome projects, really taking care of themselves, and taking time to connect with nature. It left me wanting to come and experience that more deeply. At the time I was living in Brazil where I had spent 7 years. It seemed to me I was starting to stagnate in Brazil and the cycle of my time down there was coming to a close. As I thought about where I would be most challenged to continue to grow professionally, spiritually, emotionally, it seemed pretty clear to me San Francisco was the place to be to take things forward. In short, I came here for growth.”

DhavalChadha-2“What has been the biggest challenge that has propelled your growth here?”

“So far it’s been starting a new company here. It’s very competitive for hiring, for fundraising…the bar is just way higher than I’ve experienced before. It requires you to give a lot more of yourself than I’ve experienced in the past.”

“In what way?”

“Time, effort, grit, resilience, creativity, and leadership. To continue my personal growth I’ve had to find the reserves to stay committed to purpose: what’s driving me and why I’m building my company. A lot of my friends are doing very well financially and I have to remind myself that my goal here is not a financial goal. Everyone will be happy if Sphere works out financially of course, and it’s easy to get caught up in that because this is the city of the gold rush. It’s gold rush 2.0 right now.”

“So what is your purpose?”

“My purpose is to contribute as best as I can to the flourishing of human awakening. I want to support people up and down the spectrum of languishing all the way down to awakening with the best practices that have been developed. Both in meditation and contemplative practice as well as wholeness and psychological practice. I want to make them accessible for people to learn and grow.”


“It’s been a challenge creating a company that’s driven by purpose, with all kinds of external and internal pressures. Seeing other people ‘crush it’ and then seeing my ego and fears come up. Also wanting to ‘crush it’ but constantly going back to why, why, why of what I’m doing. Am I being driven by fear or love? Am I being true to my highest purpose?

“What’s your company?”

Sphere is a platform for anyone wants to be happier and flourish as a human being. You can come and find great content and connect with other people on a similar journey. It’s a place for joy, connection, community, and growth. And also a place to deal with anxiety and depression.”

“How are you staying grounding as you build this?”

“The practice is my daily meditation practice but also having a lot of conversation with the people that are closest to me in life and having them remind me of what’s really important. That’s what is energizing. I’ve also been doing more somatic practices and learning how to listen more to the body and not just the mind. You can learn how to listen better to your gut. I can feel that my process is leading me not just to be tangled up in my thoughts but really sinking into emotion and how it feels. So many growing up learned how to control and suppress emotion. I think it’s a beautiful journey, especially for men, to learn how to not do that and actually feel emotions when they come up.”


“In 3 years from now you’re in a state of success with Sphere…what does that look like?”

“Hundreds of thousands of people around the world that didn’t have access to contemplative practices are using our content to support themselves on their journey towards happier and more awakened ways of living.”

“And non-work related, who do you love most in the world and what do you love about them?”

“My mom. I love her selflessness and how she has repeatedly committed herself and her life and her time to other people. At a small scale taking 10 years off work to raise my brother and me. To how she’s committed to her parents. She’s such a giving human being. Because she did that when we were growing up my brother and I are the people that we are.”

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February 28, 2017