Alysha English & James Odetunde

Alysha and James-2

“How’d you meet?”

James – “I went to New York for one of her best friend’s graduation. We were taking photos and she saw this charming guy that was making everyone laugh-”

Alysha – “-Who do you think you were making laugh?”

James – “Everyone!”

Alysha and James-1

“Do you remember the feeling you had when you first noticed her?”

James – “I remember a smile coming to my face immediately because she has a bright spirit. When you look at her you just want to smile.”

Alysha – “Sounds about right. Haha…that’s sweet. Thank you. What about the umbrella?”

James – “Oh yeah, it started raining and she hopped underneath my umbrella and she said, ‘You’re gonna be my Fonsworth’.”

Alysha and James-14

“What’s one of your favorite things about him?”

“My favorite things? I get embarrassed…I don’t think I’ve met anyone who matches my ridiculousness in really awesome ways. We can be silly together. And I like that you’re yourself. Even though I tease you you’re comfortable in your own skin. Your confidence is attractive and inspiring.”

Alysha and James-3

“How does she make you a better person?”

James – “I love her positive spirit. She has a playful nature and I don’t sense or feel like I need to stress about things when we’re around each other.”

“How does he make you a better person?”

Alysha – “I’ve been processing that…because this is the first time we’ve really ever spent time together. I think one of the ways is the joy thing. I can be pretty intense, but the level of comfort you feel in yourself makes me feel very comfortable being with you. It makes me feel more comfortable easing into myself. It helps me realize that’s something I’m kinda missing right now….so…I feel grateful to be comfortable.”


October 11, 2018