Lauren, Ayahuasca, and the Peruvian Dietas

Lauren Dieta-1“I just got back from Hawaii. I’ve been working with master plants taking people through dietas. These traditional Peruvian dietas open up different faculties of understanding both in the physical body and the etheric realm.”

“How do you know which plants to serve to people?”

“A lot of plants talk to me, but there’s also a huge history of people who’ve used different plants. The history has been passed down through the years and there’s a list of plants that are more commonly used for healing the nervous system, or healing the joints, or the brain. Most people start with tobacco for their first dieta, or ajo sacha, which is a type of ginger, and from there the plants will begin speaking either to the person or facilitator about what’s needed next. So it’s part intuition and part knowledge.”

Lauren Dieta-2

“What plant have you worked with most?”

“Ayahuasca. It’s very feminine. It opens a lot of channels to the etheric realms. Peyote most recently for grounding. A bit with Iboga, which is from the bush from Africa from Gabon. But mostly ayahuasca, she’s opened up a relationship with a lot of other plants so I can diet with them and open up the ancient knowledge.”

“Sounds wonderful. What would you say is one of the biggest changes you’ve seen in yourself since you started working with these plant medicines?”

“Greater presence. I find that there’s infinite depths to how present I can be and the plants open more and more of those depths so I can come more and more into who I am in this lifetime.”


July 25, 2019