Palomi Sheth

PalomiSheth-1 “What brings you joy?”

“Taking a stand for myself and through the lens of others. By experiencing other people who are in pain or transition or exuberance, I sense how to enable their highest form of desire or expression. And through awareness, I appreciate how to do that for myself, too. In exploring the inherent power of another, I experience my own in a greater way. So, I choose me. I take a stand for me. Being in service, I choose others, too. I don’t allow disrespect, judgment or the disempowered ache of being unseen to be in my experience any longer. I resource from my fluid feminine light of courage, attunement, and sensitivity.”

“What was it that unlocked that for you?”

“Taking a stand for me through the lens of others. By seeing other people in pain, I easily knew how to take a stand for them. I never knew how to do that for myself. In doing it for them I also realized I was doing it for me. So choosing me. Being in service. Saying no to the bullshit. Not accepting the toxicity, or the abuse, or the disrespect, or being cut down, or any of the breadth of experiences I’ve felt in a patriarchal society.”


“Where do you find your strength?”

“The courage to be strong comes from my inherent trust in the universal ebb + flow. And is supported by each human being reflecting something unique back to me: a new fractal, a wound, a place of light. This is the opportunity to see myself differently and more clearly. The reflection from others–socially, personally or professionally–enhances my confidence to be with my power, of my power, and take up space.”

“As you come into yourself more, what do you want to create in 2017?”

“I want to create an expression of myself that’s fully untethered and free. I want to melt away personal judgments and self-limiting beliefs so that I can be as liberated as my spirit, my soul, truly is. And this includes staying connected and embodied with our spiritual realm. Staying present has a refined meaning for me: keeping my spirit and body in connection and expression together at the same time.”

“What do you think some of those embodied expressions might be?”

“To continue going deeper on the path of vulnerability and authenticity. Lots of movement, dance and creating allow for expression, too. There is another piece about self-love that I know is very alive. I don’t know what that always looks like, but I empower women to access their pussy power. I push them to get acquainted with their bodies in front of a mirror. Often, I tell them to confidently go there, observe, and stay curious. Recently, I realized that I can do that simply by looking into my own eyes, and meeting the universe there. I allow my body to move itself without a perception of how it should move. And another opening is in being proud of my sensuality, leaving shame behind. I think there is older cultural programming that is aching to be undone. I am learning to be at ease with imperfection, too. I am starting to fall in love with all the things that once terrified me and made me feel unlovable. Now I can see and welcome my fears, saying: ‘Come here baby’ and that feels really good.”

PalomiSheth-2“Sounds like you’re in a pretty awesome space.”

“It’s pretty intense actually, but it’s great.”

“Well that’s what it looks like from over here.”


“For me it’s more about where someone is pointed, than where they’re at.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.”

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March 6, 2017