“What’s one of your favorite things about yourself?”
“I love my ability to relate to people. That ability allows me to impact another person’s life in incredible ways. People always know that I am coming from a good place and that I am authentic in the ways I try to help them. I try to be vulnerable, to give people a window into my inner thoughts. Most recently, I served as a mentor/big brother to a lot of my younger basketball teammates. Although I did not play a lot of minutes, I was able to relate to them due to the level of care I showed for their lives and goals. I would always ask them how they were doing, and what their frustrations were. I would offer mine to them, and we would work through them together. Whether we were getting shots up or just hanging out in our apartments, I always did my best to let them know that the relationships I hoped to develop were always deeper than basketball.”


July 31, 2015