Kelli and Kevin Russell

Written by Dijon June 26, 2020

“We met working at Fleming’s Steakhouse in 2001. I was a server there and Kelli started bartending that winter.” “We were working there to put ourselves through school. I was in my master’s program for Counseling, and Kevin was studying Graphic Design.” “One of Kelli’s friends, who I’d worked with at the restaurant since 1999,… Read More

Liz Marz

Written by Dijon March 30, 2020

This is an excerpt from a podcast I did with Liz. Listen to the entire podcast HERE “I kept attracting a guy who was the life of the party, he loved to travel, was into food. I was always attracted to their excitement about the way they lived their lives. What I noticed was that they couldn’t commit… Read More

Jupiter Jones

Written by Dijon February 10, 2020

“I throw parties and connect people.” “Sound like a dope life. Is that Moldavite around your neck?” “Yeah.” “How do you stay grounded wearing that all the time? I used to have a sliver and just holding it for 10min would take me out-“ “-into space? I’ve had to go through… Read More

Cynthia Canvier

Written by Dijon February 2, 2020

“My fig trees have been with me for about 40 years, and they move from place to place with me. They have names for the type of fig they are. These green figs is a Diana and a Cynthia, Cynthia is a hybrid of the Diana, this one is white genoa. It has a red fruit and these are green fruits.⁠ ⁠ Every… Read More

Jeremy Brownlowe

Written by Dijon December 4, 2019

“Since 2015 I have been performing on street corners across the country as the Typewriter Troubadour where I compose custom poetry on demand for people on subjects they bring. I mostly do it at farmer’s markets in San Diego now. I love the community here and get a great response doing this.” “How do you access… Read More


Written by Dijon December 4, 2019

“I’m always excited and people will sometimes say that when they first met me they thought I was vapid or fake and they didn’t like me. I’ve had multiple people tell me that and it’s sad because it’s like, I see them as a person and I love them, and of course I would give that to them, I wouldn’t do anything less. Read More

Hulu Amen Ra

Written by Dijon December 4, 2019

“What’s one of your favorite ways to express love?”⁠ “Art. All forms. Through words, through movement, through the spirit. My favorite amongst them is sound because it emcompasses all that is, the vibration of existence. So all the ways that vibration plays I identify, so that’s my favorite one.”⁠ “What is something you’ve transmuted in your life that was once… Read More

Dominic Vasquez

Written by Dijon July 25, 2019

“My father has been my biggest inspiration. He raised me and has always been a solid rock. He’s supported everything that I’ve done. When I first started getting into tattooing he never doubted my ability, he never tried to talk me out of it, he even bought me my first tattoo machines to help me get to the point where I wasn’t doing… Read More

Electric Fairy Gina

Written by Dijon July 25, 2019

“I like to wear lights, blow bubbles, and spread glitter. I’m working on biodegradable glitter and…I became a cosmetologist today!”⁠ “My playa name is Electric Fairy, even though I haven’t been to the playa. I became Electric Fairy with my friend in San Francisco in North Beach. We met on a roof and synced up our headphones so we could dance… Read More

Jester and Fjord

Written by Dijon July 24, 2019

“We’re Jester and Fjord. It’s inspired by a bunch of nerdy voice actors who play D & D on twitch. I got really into D & D after watching Stranger Things.” “There’s an energy in the community that’s super fun and you just get a lot of love.”     “Word. If you actually had a super power what would it be?”… Read More

Miguel aka Cupid

Written by Dijon July 23, 2019

“Around this neighborhood I’m known as cupid. I dress up in different costumes and deliver gifts for people in a diaper and wings. I have a custom made diaper. It still sags in the back and that’s what I don’t want. I want it to look more puffy and full, instead of just looking like I have a load back there.” “I… Read More

Enrique Gets Married

Written by Dijon July 20, 2019

“We met on Facebook. I added her, we’re both burger freaks so we went out on a date- “- and then we got married!” “It wasn’t easy. We lived apart in different cities for 3 years but I kept visiting her.” “Overcoming the distance and obstacles made us stronger. Whatsapp and FaceTime kept our… Read More


Written by Dijon June 29, 2019

“What are you passionate about?” “Pop culture. It’s fascinating. Most of it’s bullshit. But it’s a narrative that we can be anything we want to be, whether it’s a clown one day, that was my inspiration today. I’m Harley Quinn today. So pop culture, mostly from the 1970’s. I love clothes. I love sewing. My favorite artists keep my going. I’m obsessed. I’m… Read More

Trippy Hippy

Written by Dijon June 27, 2019

“What’s something you’re passionate about?” “Bringing peace through music, art, and entertainment. That’s what I was brought here to do. I’m an artist of many kinds. I’m about to start my own clothing line. I’m starting my own style. It’s called Trip-Punk. It’s a combination of steampunk, fur, light, color, sound, and a bunch of other stuff. I also DJ. I throw… Read More


Written by Dijon June 27, 2019

“When do you feel most confident?” “When I’m cooking.” “What do you like to cook?” “Everything. It’s meditative for me.” “What about you, when do you feel most confident?” “Hmm, I guess I’m trying to differentiate between confident and secure. I feel most confident when I’m listening to music I’ve created. I feel most secure right after I’ve meditated.” “Ah yes,… Read More

Matt Payne

Written by Dijon June 27, 2019

“Before my first daughter was born I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. I was partying a lot and the lifestyle I was living definitely wasn’t suited to being a father. It was good though because it made me question a lot of the things I was doing unconsciously and decide if I wanted to keep doing them. I knew I wanted to… Read More

Nazan Riahei

Written by Dijon June 25, 2019

“The season has just changed, what’s something your heart is calling for this new season?” “Recognition of my own strength as a co-creator in this life and in my ability to design it. So…empowerment of self.” “Is there one thing you wanna do to kick start that energy?” “Yeah…maybe start journaling to get some of those ideas out. Have accountability with others so… Read More


Written by Dijon June 25, 2019

“Who in your life has been your biggest source of inspiration?” “I have to say my moms. I have 2 moms. They made me who I am.” “What did they impart on you?” “Just always being yourself. They were 2 white women who adopted me right when I was born. My biological mom was 17 and wasn’t ready, so if I would’ve grown… Read More

Derek and Ferrin

Written by Dijon June 22, 2019

“It’s Burger Week! One of my favorite burgers in the city is at the Friendly. It’s a pizza place, and they have the dirty flat-top cheeseburgers. It’s phenomenal. They have 2 patties, cheese, smashed together, greasy goodness.” “Love it! So now I know your favorite burger, what’s one of your favorite things about her?” “Her courage. She’s willing to dress up with me like this!… Read More

Garry Bowden Sr.

Written by Dijon November 19, 2018

“Well Pops, that was a pretty amazing trip. Seemed like you enjoyed your first time in California.” “Definitely, it was pretty surreal. Your life out here is really special. I know I’ve got to go back home, but I don’t want to go.” “What were some of your favorite moments?” “Just the in general, the openness of our communication was unbelievable. I just… Read More

Michelle and Steph

Written by Dijon November 13, 2018

“Y’all look like you’re having fun. How long have you been friends?” Right – “We’re not. We’re sisters!” “What was it like when you were growing up?” Right – “Do you want me to tell the truth?” Left – “Like a magical rainbows and unicorns story?” “I like authenticity.”… Read More

Carolyn Prizm

Written by Dijon November 9, 2018

“I host a show called Night Light Radio on I try to have each episode come from a place of love and connection and to remind people that music is a sound rainbow and we are all prisms. My dream for the next year of my life is to share more music through my radio show. My first episode… Read More

Arin Lopez

Written by Dijon November 1, 2018

“Finish this sentence. ‘I’m happiest when’…” “I’m with my family.” “What’s your biggest dream?” “To be financially wealthy. Where I don’t have to trade time for money. For example, say I lose this job. I’m not gonna have an income coming in, you get me? So I want to be financially free where I don’t have to work but still have residual… Read More