Garry Bowden Sr.


“Well Pops, that was a pretty amazing trip. Seemed like you enjoyed your first time in California.”

“Definitely, it was pretty surreal. Your life out here is really special. I know I’ve got to go back home, but I don’t want to go.”

“What were some of your favorite moments?”

Just the in general, the openness of our communication was unbelievable. I just like being here and experiencing the way you live. You live true to yourself. You walk in a place that is special and you’re comfortable there, so being around you and then this whole environment as I kept telling you on the beach, the silent disco, everybody just being free and enjoying life, seeing people not worried about what other people are think… how they’re being perceived or what people might think about what they’re doing. That’s a good feeling. The zooming down the boardwalk on the scooters. I mean, simple stuff. That’s good.”

“We’ll see each other again soon. How long had it been? 5 years?”



“Well I know it feels like we’ve missed a lot of time. We haven’t been connected much of my life, but I think everything happens for a reason and I’m glad to be connected now. I chose to see difficulties that come up in our lives as opportunities to grow spiritually and I want to heal and release the baggage I’ve been carrying around because I know it’s been affecting other areas of my life, and I think it’s ancestral and affecting our whole family line. So…I want to apologize for being angry or blocking a connection with you. I’m ready to let all that go and wanted to know if you would forgive me.”

“Yes, of course. And I want you to forgive me for being absent. I have a photo of you…”

“Crying is a good release.”

“…what I was going to say was I have a photo of you from when you were a little kid that I keep in my bathroom…and I look at it every morning and every night…and the person that I look at in those pictures is the person I’m experiencing now…and it’s good. It’s really good.”Dad-1 “Thanks for your vulnerability Dad. Thanks for being willing to share this process with everyone. It’s good to be free.”

Yep. And it’s good to love and be loved.”

Yeah. So thanks for coming. I love you.”

I love you too.”

Peep the full story of me reconnecting with my dad HEREI hope there are things in the story that help you heal.

Much love,



November 19, 2018