Michelle and Steph


“Y’all look like you’re having fun. How long have you been friends?”

Right – “We’re not. We’re sisters!”


“What was it like when you were growing up?”

Right – “Do you want me to tell the truth?”

Left – “Like a magical rainbows and unicorns story?”

“I like authenticity.”

Right – “You were pretty mean to me when we were little.”

Left – “She was my annoying shadow.”

Right – “My mom would tell her to take me out to play, and she would grab me to go outside, and then 5 minutes later she would push me back inside. You know, older sister stuff.”

“It seems like you like each other now.”

Left – “Oh yeah.”

“When did things shift?”

Right – “When she left for college, we had some space.”

Left – “We had a chance to grow.”


“What’s one of your favorite things about her?”

Left – “She’s very loyal and loving. She’s a really good kind soul.”

“And what about you, what’s one of your favorite things?”

Right – “She always takes care of me. A lot of people think she’s younger because of her energy, but she always comes around full circle and takes care of me like a great older sister.”


November 13, 2018