“I’m always excited and people will sometimes say that when they first met me they thought I was vapid or fake and they didn’t like me. I’ve had multiple people tell me that and it’s sad because it’s like, I see them as a person and I love them, and of course I would give that to them, I wouldn’t do anything less. Honestly a lot of that stems from childhood. The feeling that I’m too much. I’m too loving, I’m too nice, I feel too many things, I’m too emotional. But that’s what makes me special. You know? That’s what makes me special and I’m okay with that.”



“This past year has been a lot of coming back to myself and realizing that the love I put out into the world, I can receive that. I can feel comfortable being who I am and not worrying if other people are receiving me. I’m always worrying how other people are receiving me, if I’m bothering them, if I’m annoying them. But again, it stems from childhood and wanting to contract.”Darlissa-2

“I feel like I’ve always been others people’s cheerleader telling them they can do anything, but I feel like I have to jump through all these hoops and overcome a bunch of obstacles before I feel I am worthy of stepping into what I really want. It’s an undeserving type of thing, but this time in my life is about claiming my power and taking up space.” ⁠


December 4, 2019