Jeremy Brownlowe


“Since 2015 I have been performing on street corners across the country as the Typewriter Troubadour where I compose custom poetry on demand for people on subjects they bring. I mostly do it at farmer’s markets in San Diego now. I love the community here and get a great response doing this.”

“How do you access your inspiration so quickly?”

“It’s really about creating a space where we can show up and be vulnerable. For the person requesting the poem, and for me as the writer, I have to tune out of that critical thinking or inner editor so I can access that purity of the initial flow of the piece. Also, being willing to let go of control and hope for the best.”


“We all carry stories within us, and sometimes when I’m out there in my own story I feel so alone in it, but opening myself up to take on the stories of others really reminds me that we’re a collective story. So I’m inspired by everyone that comes up and is willing to share a piece of what’s going on in their life. My favorite poems to write are the ones where people are going through something and they need a reflection because that helps me access my inner intuition and also helps me to reflect on my experience and takes me out of my story so I can be an observer to someone else’s.”


“What do you hope people walk away feeling?”

“My hope is that the poem will resonate with them and help them feel seen, feel heard, and validated. I hope that the poem can be used as a tool or reminder of their inner strength and their resilience.”


December 4, 2019