“Who in your life has been your biggest source of inspiration?”

“I have to say my moms. I have 2 moms. They made me who I am.”

“What did they impart on you?”

“Just always being yourself. They were 2 white women who adopted me right when I was born. My biological mom was 17 and wasn’t ready, so if I would’ve grown up with her I would have been a completely different person. My moms were never afraid of living their life, living their truth. And growing up there were definitely struggles but I’m lucky to have them.”


“Have you ever connected with your biological mom?”

“Nah, I never felt the need. My moms told me when I was 18 if I wanted they would help, but I didn’t feel the need to. There’s no hate towards my mom or dad, but I’m content and loved so it’s like why. I think about it every now and then but I never pursue it.”

“I’m curious, do you know what your culture is?”

“I’m half -filipino, half-black. That’s all I pretty much know. I have 1 picture of my biological parents. Sometimes I wonder for health, is there anything I need to know but…”

“-you’ll figure it out when the time comes.”



June 25, 2019