Trippy Hippy


“What’s something you’re passionate about?”

“Bringing peace through music, art, and entertainment. That’s what I was brought here to do. I’m an artist of many kinds. I’m about to start my own clothing line. I’m starting my own style. It’s called Trip-Punk. It’s a combination of steampunk, fur, light, color, sound, and a bunch of other stuff. I also DJ. I throw events and festivals in Las Vegas and around Las Vegas. I help do production management for a lot of places. And I make CBD topical ointments, lotions, tattoo aftercare, chapsticks, and CBD honey with RSO. I’m also here to help anyone from the underground get into the light. It’s hard when you’re working a 9-5 to find a way out.”


“So I’d imagine there was some sort of process to get you so comfortable being yourself. Was it a person or specific event?”

“Honestly, acid. It helped me open up my mind to so many possibilities that I never even imagined. When I moved out to Vegas three years ago, that’s when I started getting into acid and hallucinogenics. It helped me open up in general and especially to other people, which is good because Vegas is a fucked up place. Whenever I dress how I want, like this, people just approach me like you did. They wanna take pictures. They wanna find out about me. What I do. I was sent by the Gods and Goddesses to bring peace back through music, arts, and entertainment. They gave me confidence to dress however I want, act however I want, and project the messages I need to.”



June 27, 2019