“What’s one of your favorite things about her?”
Her – “I’m practical.”
Him – “And I’m theoretical so I think the opposites get on in that way. I like so many things about her it’s hard to say-“
Her – “How I fell for him…I was drunk as a skunk and I liked his shoes. Then I worked my way up from his feet and saw his two piece double breasted queen suit and his fedora, and then I saw his specks and his green eyes and I still liked what I saw.”
Him – “And even though we’ve been together 4 years we had no problem saying for this trip – don’t you think?”
Her – “Apart from my gambling problem?”
Him – “Well ok, there was that, but we’ve sorted that out. We got her help…well…she stole my salary to be honest. She couldn’t help herself. She blew my entire salary 3 times. $1,000 gone in a few minutes on the machines.”
“How were you able to not lose your temper?”
Him – “I was more interested in how to solve the problem of how I was going to pay my bills and I didn’t think it was productive to take it out on her in anyway.”
Her – “And I wasn’t used to that because my dad was a violent drunk-
Him – “-I wasn’t going to do anything like that…to be able to keep that self control throughout that situation was a good life lesson.”


September 10, 2015