“I used to come over from the East Bay during the Summer of Love going to concerts at Winterland and Fillmore.”
“Were you part of the psychedelic movement?”
“I consider myself an OH, Original Hippie.”
“How were psychedelics involved in the expansion of consciousness?”
“Psychedelics were the primary art form of the 60’s that expressed thee energy of the time. People exploring different ways of obtaining higher consciousness. There was major social upheaval at the time.”
“During my trips I fell like I’ve connected with many different planes of consciousness and beings, you ever have those types of experiences?”
“One time I watched the sky catch fire. The whole sky was nothing but flames. I was looking around at everyone and couldn’t understand why everyone else wasn’t freaking out. And then I was like ‘Oh, I’m on acid. This is pretty cool’.”
“I used to be more willing to try anything, but after doing so much I feel like I need to integrate all the things I’ve seen and experienced. Now, since I switched to being vegan, just eating plants has me super connected to trees and more sensitive to animals.”
“I’m 65 and I’ve been vegan just over half my life. You walk much more lightly on the planet. You need a lot less sleep. I get cuts and they heal a lot faster. There’s a whole lot less toxins in your body so your body doesn’t have to work so hard to detoxify itself and you have more energy for other things.”


September 28, 2015