Right – “We met in 1976 in Wisconsin. We became really good friends and both moved out to California a few years apart. In 1983 our paths crossed again in LA and we’ve been together ever since.” 

“What’s one of your favorite things about her?” 

Right – “She’s so even keel, ya know? She’s a person who doesn’t really get caught up in things. She has this calmness about her and I’m not like that so it’s a wonderful comfort in life to be around that energy…it’s taught me a lot about patience.” 

Left – “I try her patience.” 

Right – “Well you’re in relationship to learn lessons, and that was a big lesson.” 

“And what’s one of your favorite things about her?” 

Left – “Just her open heartedness, warm heartedness, the way she engages with people, and children, and pets, and trees. Just open, warm, curious, and loving.


October 5, 2015