“What’s one of your favorite things about her?” 

Him – “She’s a very positive person. She comes off sometimes as uh…kinda uh…-“ 

Her – “Choose wisely.” 

Him – “-Maybe as a little mean…but she’s not mean.” 

“I didn’t get that vibe at all. And you?” 

Her – “That you’re so weird. I like how different and weird you are.” 

“Have their been any challenges in your relationship and if so what did you learn from them?” 

Him – “Well we have 300 miles between us so…”
Her – “We don’t really fight though…we debate a lot…intensely.” 

“What’s the difference to you?” 

Her – “Well I’m a tree hugging hippie and you’re a closet conservative. You have a counter argument for everything.” 

Him – “I try to see both sides.” 

“I feel like it’s good to have people that challenge you.” 

Her – “Definitely, it keeps things new.”
Him – “Gives you good perspective.”


October 7, 2015