“I went to Burning Man this year and every moment was amazing. I went to some workshops that helped me reconnect to my inner power. I came face to face with a lot of fear…I’ve been really scared all summer. I’d been having migraines every day. For the last 8 years my dad has had migraines every single day. He’s flown all around the country seeing specialists and no one can figure it out. He basically works half time now and can’t do much because he’s in so much pain everyday. When I started getting them I was terrified I was going to be like him and honestly, if I was getting these everyday I don’t know if I could find the will to live. But I haven’t had a migraine since I went to Burning Man. I think it was because I allowed myself to feel a lot of stuff I had been holding in. I feel not scared anymore. I feel like there’s hope. I had lost faith in my ability to guide myself through all of it but I feel like I reconnected with that.”


October 13, 2015