Her – “We’re workshopping a scene right now for a film we want to create.”

“What’s the scene?” 

Her – “We had a kid, we were in a car accident, the kid died.” 

Him – “He was a toddler probably, but we both sustained head injuries so we can’t remember who didn’t buckle the seat beat. I’ve started a drug addiction-“

Her – “He’s hiding with drugs, I’m trying to hold everything together- 

Him – “-But in a really unhealthy way.” 

Her – “So he’s doing drugs at home when I come back from work and that’s where it begins.” 

“That’s really intense. What’s drawing you to explore these dark themes?” 

Her – “I’m doing this improv class and it’s always high stakes. Situations that are challenging- 

Him – “I wanted the drugs because I wanted to explore physicality and how something would make me feel and show up differently-“ 

Her – “And I like getting angry.”


October 14, 2015