Left – “I’ve lived here 55 years and the way San Francisco is changing is scary. It used to be a place for everyone and now it’s getting unaffordable. It’s getting really white. If we didn’t have rent control we’d have to move to Timbuktu.”
Right – “Which is not a bad place.”
Left – “I guess, but do they have health care?”


Left – “I walked into the emporium where he was working because I was looking for a new dress shirt. I walked up to him and said, ‘Since this is San Francisco I’m going to be really bold with you. I need you to measure my…neck.’ When he put the tape measure around my neck I put my hands on his hips. He said, ‘Take them away, I’ll get in trouble!’ So I took them away, but then he said, ‘Ok, put them back.’ And that was 33 years ago.”



October 17, 2015