Her – “We became friends in 2005 when we were on the same dance team. He was the captain and he tried to make me do pushups because I was late to practice.”

Him – “She never did them.”

Her – “He was very militant and people didn’t like him but then I took over as captain and it was all good.”

Him – “The team started to suck but everyone was happier.”


“What’s one of you favorite things about her?”

Her – “He’s a weirdo with google docs. He had a google doc to plan out his diet. He’s very calculated…like this thing we were just talking about. Can I share this-“

Him – “No-“

Her – “Ok, he’s very practical and blunt about his level of rationality.”

Him – “I will accept all those things.”

“And you?”

Him – “Nisha has a charisma to her that’s really infectious. Being around her is revitalizing.


October 28, 2015