“Hey brother you should check out my church!”
“Oh yeah? Tell me about it.”
“We’re real people, with real problems, serving a real god.”
“What’s that mean? What’s not a real person?”
“Whatever real means to you. Your reality is enough to be a part of our church. If real means to you that god don’t exist and you want to sit in our church, we’re going to love and embrace you. If you’re gay, if you’ve got issues with drugs and alcohol, whatever real things you have going on in your life, we have a real god to present to you.”


“After 41 detoxes, 8 rehabs, 8 psych wards, 6 incarcerations, 4 years living in abandoned buildings shooting dope and smoking crack I was at the tipping point ready to take my own life. I said, ‘Jesus, if you’re real then I need you to change me. If you do I’ll dedicate the rest of my life to telling people about you, but you’ve gotta help me, I can’t do it on my own.’ I began to visit a church and a pastor told me ‘Just be real and listen, if it doesn’t work for you go back to what you were doing.’ I’ve found no reason after 17 years to do what I used to do. Amen.”


November 19, 2015