“I’m a filmmaker. I like the writing side. I joined one of the largest screenplay contests in Japan and wrote a teenage love story. I don’t usually write love stories, but I got some ideas…”
“Was it from life experience?”
“It was from social networks services like Facebook. People care so much about the number of likes, or number of friends, everything is numbers and I became sick of it. So in the film I created a SNS called Braindrop and it’s all about numbers. Everything you do on the internet will be numbered and they’ll collect all the data and there will be a social rank. So this guy who’s very concerned with numbers falls in love with this girl who doesn’t care about numbers. So through interacting they figure out that good balance between real life and internet.”
“Have you ever been in love before?”
“I have a boyfriend back in Japan. We met two years ago.”
“Is it hard to be apart?”
“It’s really hard, but we text and call each other a lot. We fight a lot. That’s a good thing because if you hold what you really want to say you’ll be so constrained…especially in a long distance relationship.”


“What’s your dream for your life?”
“I want to establish my own studio to distribute my own films, or books, or anything related to storytelling. I’m a cinema major though.”
“Why’d you pick film to study?”
“Mmm…sometimes words limit the expression.”


November 29, 2015