What an amazing message to wake up to <3 This helped me to cry for the first time in a long time…

From Allison
Nov 20th, 6:48am
Dear Dijon, we never met but I look and share your photography and stories because I believe you are really making a difference with souls of society. Enabling strangers to relate and communicate with one another, you are participating in creating something that’s bigger than you, a community a people who , no matter how old they are, are seeking for hope, inspiration, love, faith… You took the picture of Scott Cameron this summer of 2015 at pier 39 in San Francisco. His story and his energy was so vibrant that it made me want to connect with him and as he shared his snapchat name I added him. That’s how we started exchanging and sharing our stories, a complete stranger that became a friend and maybe more… Time will tell. I currently live in New York and is from Salem, Oregon. We have been communicating since this September and when my dad asked me if I wanted to visit my aunt in Oregon I said if course knowing that I might get the chance to meet Scott. Yesterday evening, it finally happened we met in Portland and I wasn’t meeting with a stranger, I was meeting someone I felt like I already knew. I’m just telling you this story because I believe in your journey and project of souls of society you are unlocking a lot of barriers that people between each other, no matter who you are and where you are from, your story is worth sharing because you don’t know what this may lead you on. Have a wonderful day Dijon and take care


November 29, 2015