Nicole Sweeney


“I’ve been exploring my passion for artistic creation since I was young, bouncing from one medium to another, but never feeling truly connected. Now I’m creating work from a place that’s genuine and authentic. I’m not trying to fit into any certain mould, I’m creating a whole new one on my own.”


“What’s the biggest challenge of your creative process?”
“Branching out on my own and revealing myself to the world through my art is the scariest thing I’ve ever done. It’s forced me to be vulnerable in ways that are far beyond my comfort zone and find an inner truth that supports and nurtures me. It’s forced me to surrender and release my grip on expectations, the grip upon those around me, and the need to know exactly what lies ahead. The biggest challenge is living in this moment and letting the work that I create flow through me, reveling in the acceptance that I am, in fact, good enough.”


“My first art show is this Saturday at Edo Salon and Gallery on Lower Haight. I’m ready for this new chapter in my life. It’s just the beginning and there is so much ahead for me to learn to continue to develop as a human being. I am so excited and grateful for all that lies ahead.”


December 11, 2015