Red Celestial Dragon Love


I met Alan just over two years ago at both of our first burning man which is the most magical of places. In the beginning of the week I didn’t know anyone there besides my roommate Wang Wang. So I went out adventuring to check out all the art deep playa – I found this beautiful aztec style wood pyramid some one had built it was incredible – think Teotihuacan. I climbed up to the top and meditated for a good time.  Reflecting and and setting my intent for the week – I then asked the universe to help me find my confidant, the person I can adventure with, be myself with, and grow with. Then rode off into the dust.”


Two days later Alan came into our Camp called Camp Juicy. He came to the burn late from vending, having his soul searching mission of getting in. From the moment I first talked to him and gave him my multipurpose tool to use that day I knew I loved him and that we would have many adventures to come. We danced all night together that night then reconnected a couple days later at the temple burn.  It truly was such a magical time – such a life changing experience. Ever since we have been growing and learning together. Helping each other manifest our dreams. I truly feel blessed to have found him in this lifetime.”


“What’s one of your favorite things about him?”

“I would have to say there’s a couple things about him that are my favorite. One is that we’re both Red Celestial Dragons on the Aztec Calendar- it’s a rare powerful kind of cosmic love. The Toltecs are shining down on us. And of course his humor – that’s what really first caught me – he always can make me laugh no matter what.”


December 17, 2015