Granny and Lisa – Christmas 2015


“Hey Granny, do you remember what you felt when mom was born?”

“Well she was the first one so I was anxious to hurry and have her come on so we could get used to her…and of course she was pretty to me. She was not always a crying baby. Some babies cry all the time, she wasn’t one of those.”

“How’d she develop as she grew up?”

“Like an old lady. She concerned herself with everything she could see or hear. She’d ask a lot of questions. She learned things quickly. She was very opinionated and very intelligent…she took after her mother!”


“You used to make a lot of eggs for us and I hated eggs so I would scrape mine behind the stove.”

“And how long did you do that before you got caught?”




“Granny, what’s one of the things you’re proudest about the way Lisa turned out?”

“That she always has an idea about what she wants to do in her life, and she knows how to make that happen.”

“Mom, what’s one of your favorite things about Granny?”

“Granny always took care of everybody starting with the family and extending out into the community. That set my behavioral and moral compass for life.”

“What was she like when you were little?”

“She was a hellion. She took no tea for the fever. If anything wasn’t in order she was going to put it in order. She didn’t like seeing people done wrong or seeing the community messed up, she wanted everyone treated fairly with an opportunity to reach their full potential.”


“Hey Granny! Let’s take one more picture before you go back inside.”

“Ok, you going back to California after this?”

“Yeah, in a few days.”

“Well I sure appreciate you coming to see me. I love you.”

“I love you too Granny.”

“Hey Pooh…you got a girlfriend out there?”

“I’m working on it Granny.”

“Do you love her?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Well you’re tall and handsome and a good person so you tell her I said she’s a lucky lady.”

“Thanks Granny. I’ll tell her.”


December 25, 2015