Stuart Schuffman + Ashley Lauren Dickinson


Him – “I’m taking her to dinner for her birthday tonight.”

“Where you going?”

Him – “Can’t tell you, I’m surprising her!”

Her – “In 2012 I was living in Chicago but came to Outside Lands on a whim, didn’t even have a ticket, didn’t know why, but I came. On the last day I snuck into the media tent and met him there.”

broke-ass-stuart-ashley-lauren-dickinson-2“What was it like when you first connected?”

Her – “Well…we caught eyes a few times, and when the person I was with at the moment got up to go to the bathroom, Stuart swooped and said, ‘Hey, you look familiar.’ He seemed like a good networking friend so I found him on twitter-”

Him – “-And then we NETWORKED!”

broke-ass-stuart-ashley-lauren-dickinson-3“What’s one of your favorite things about him?”

Her – “That his heart is as big as his head!”

“And you?”

Him – “I like how sweet and thoughtful she is, she’s the most thoughtful person ever.”


January 14, 2016