Annie Anton and Heather Christie


Left – “At a Halloween gathering I met her. I saw her singing in this drum circle and couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Then I began singing over her shoulder, which I had never felt comfortable doing before – singing in public that is, and when she looked up at me, I saw this ‘yes, sister join me!’ energy coming from her. That surprised me. In my experience, having women encourage and support one another wasn’t the norm, let alone a ‘stranger’ doing this. There was no competitive energy. And it was like I was seeing my own sister.”

annie-anton-and-heather-christie-2Left – “Heather really is a sister to me. There’s this crazy remembrance that happens when I look into her eyes. We’re connected. When we sing together it’s the same thing. Our voices dance together without much effort at all. It’s a divine spark. There’s no doubt that we are meant to create together. She’s has really helped me find my voice and step into that place of fearlessness in my expression.”


January 23, 2016