“I’ve been in San Francisco 40 years.”
“What’s one of the most transformative experiences you’ve had being here?”
“There’s no one particular thing. Living in San Francisco is cool. I like it. San Francisco is what it is. It’s changing though and I already miss what it was like.”
“What was it like?”
“More artsy. Not so many rich people.”potrero-hill-cherry-2

“I make a lot of art. Mostly sculpture. I do paper mache. I do some ceramics.”
“Where do you get your inspiration for your art?”
“I usually get some picture in my head for something…and then I try to make it. I don’t get messages in my head, I get pictures.” potrero-hill-cherry-3

“What do you think happens after you die?”
“I don’t think anything happens after you die. Maybe your memory inspires your friends. I often wonder what will happen to my art.”
“What legacy do you want to leave behind?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know what I want to pass on or how I want to pass it on.”
“Do you believe in God, or something bigger than us that’s unifying everything?”
“There might something that unifies things, but it’s not religious. I believe people have things in common. I believe in good and bad. I believe people are good. I don’t feel there is God though. I don’t feel there is some outside force…other than nature. But we’re part of nature.”
“Your idea that people are naturally good seems optimistic to me.”
“No, I’m a pessimist. My husband is the optimist.”
“How long have y’all been together?”
“Maybe 30 years.”
“What’s some advice for maintaining a connection for so long?”
“If you really like each other that’s the impetus right there, you like each other. You keep the fighting to a minimum. You’re nice to each other. We’re interested in each other, we have a lot of interests in common. It’s funny that we’re still figuring out more things we have in common. He’s much younger than I am…12 years. We both like the Dead.”
“How do you like to express love?”
“I’m very physical. I’ll probably kiss you when we finish talking.”
“Ha! I’m Dijon by the way.”
“I’m Cherry. Like cherry pie. And you’re Dijon, like the mustard. Now give me a ride home.”


February 9, 2016