Heather Christie

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“I studied dance in college and I’ve always been a dancer and interested in yoga and movement art and I learned this term ‘proprioception’. It’s where you sense your reality from inside your body as well as externally from the physical things around you. It’s this constant communication with your body as a vessel, as a tool to relate to and understand this physical world that we’re in. For me, being in body wisdom is to come from that place rather than over thinking. It’s about coming below that layer of thoughts and being really here in this body that we all have and being joyful and sensorily aware.”

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“What’s one of your biggest challenges?”

“To step into my fullness and really show up as who I authentically am. I’ve felt it’s either not okay, or too much, or too big, or too sensual. As a woman, I feel like the process of diving into my art has also been a healing process of taking off the layers of who I’m not and really finding out who I am.” SOULSEnvision2016 - HeatherChrsitie-3

“What’d you learn about yourself here?”

“I feel like I learned about myself as an integrated human being that has so many parts that are real and vulnerable and imperfect and angry and messy and how those parts are just as important as all the other parts of myself that are pursuing my dreams, feeling passionate, really feeling like they’re got their stuff together. I’ve learned that I can’t abandon myself.”

“What does that mean to you?”

“That means no matter what I’m feeling I can just choose to stay…and stay through it as hard as it may seem. That’s what will allow me to feel closer to myself and others and have more intimacy in my friendships and in my life, more closeness in my heart and in all my relationships.”


March 30, 2016