Tigre Bailando

SOULSEnvision2016 - TigreBailando-1

“For me…Envision is a gateway to further growth and transformation along my journey as an artist and human. The family I’ve found in the build community has provided a consistent container of support for experimentation and learning. Between us there’s the trust and guidance needed for expansion into new depths of creation. It’s literally a place I go to bring new visions into reality. Every year has had its own story and flavor.

The big step this year was in creating a temple. It was my first time creating an enclosed physical space built to contain and inspire sacred connection. Over the past several years my work has been moving steadily towards creating this kind of space. The seed-form for this specific temple came to me through dreams and visions during and immediately after Envision last year. The building of Templo de la Tierra was the birth of an idea that had been gestating for months…for years. It’s been a great honor to create and offer this kind of space to the community, built through the collaboration of some of my dearest friends.”


April 6, 2016