“I’m a people’s person and I’m not shy. I have a personality like no one I’ve ever seen.”937A6693 937A6694

“What’s your dream?”

“My dream is to get some homes for these little prostitutes in Oakland, get em off the street.”

“Beautiful. That’s focused on the community, do you have any personal dreams?”

“Just to help as many people as I can.”



“I was on the streets for a long time. Homeless and on drugs. My past made me who I am today. I’ve been through it all. I’ve been in every women’s prison in California, I’ve prostituted, drugs, homeless-”

“-but you don’t anymore?”

“Oh no! I work for the city of Oakland. I help people on probation and parole.”

“What allowed you to turn your life around?”

Then she pointed to the sky and walked away.


April 26, 2016