Butts Down Buddies


“How’d y’all become friends?”

Left – “It was my first day of school and I didn’t want to come outside to smoke a cigarette by myself, and she saw me standing by the door so she asked me, ‘Are you going down to smoke a cigarette?’ and I said ‘Yeah’ and she said, ‘Let’s go!’

Right – “Now we’re butts down buddies.”

“Butts down? What’s that mean?”

Right – “A butts down is like half of a cigarette. We’re like…sharing cigarettes…we’re butts down buddies.”

“Cool. Tell me about an adventure y’all have had together.”

Right – “Hmmm…she’s a hoe!”


“What’s one way knowing her makes you a better person?”

Right – “I have someone to talk to. We could communicate. I don’t have to just sit there. Now if she needs something I could help her, and if I need something I could axe her for help. I won’t be afraid to axe.”

“And you?”

Left – “She’s always so positive. I could come in with a horrible mood and I’m like, ‘Yo bitch, like fuck…I’m in a horrible mood, I’m bought to leave school’ and she’s like, ‘No, don’t leave!’ She makes me wanna stay and be a good person.”


May 19, 2016