flynn-2 “Hey there! My name’s Dijon. What’s your name?”


“Feeling a little shy?”


“That’s okay, I feel shy sometimes too. Hey! Is that your Avengers poster?”


“I love the Avengers! The Hulk is my favorite. Who’s your favorite?”

“Iron Man.”

“Cool. I like Iron Man too. Are those your legos?”

“Yeah, I like legos.”

“Wanna build something together!?!”



“How long have you been playing with legos?”

“Since I was 1. I’m 5 now.”

“When’s your birthday?”


“4/4! I’m 4/8. We’re both Aries! I bet we have a lot of common. Let’s say our favorite color at the same time on 3. Ready?? 1-”


“Mine is Blue. What type of green?”

“Like this lego! Let’s build this one! The bad guys are red and the good guys are blue.”


“One is for blood, and one is for medicine.”


“What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve learned from Flynn?”

Her – “He just doesn’t think about all the extraneous stuff like bills. When kids are in the hospital they’re still kids. If they’re happy in the moment that’s all that matters. That’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about…just trying to appreciate what I have when I have it.”

flynn-7Him – “Just his spirit. He’s a fighter. He’s strong and inquisitive. He’s just taken everything in stride.”

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September 29, 2016