“What’s one of your dreams?”

“Success to me is measured by where I’m living. I’d love to have a house in Hawaii. I’d love to also keep some roots in the Bay area. One house here, one house there, and flip flop when I need to. That’d be my American dream.”

“Sounds great.”tawni-2

“A broader dream is to figure out how to help people. All my best friends are nurses or doctors and I haven’t found that yet. What I’m doing at YouCaring is a good stepping stone to that. Everyone there is working to help people in some way.”


“What do you do at YouCaring?”

“I have a hybrid role. I do marketing stuff but I also work on the user relation side. I work with people to help them set up fundraisers. These people have terrible hardships in their lives, and it’s a lot of work, but I can tangibly see how me helping them has a positive impact and that feels good.”


“What’s a hardship for you?”

“For me it’s accepting what I can’t control. Accepting things are just the way they are. Accepting relationships. Accepting yourself. That’s a big one for me.”

“What’s your relationship with your parents like?”

“I get my work ethic from my dad. He has a very strong will and drive. My mom has a free spirit and I learned how to be social from her. She has an amazing ability to laugh at herself and I admire that a lot.”


“What’s your favorite thing about yourself?”

“Um…that’s hard. I guess my easy going-ness. I guess something I see evolving in myself is being more patient. I’m stronger in that way than I used to be.”


“What do you like to do in your free time?”

“I like to get outside. I like to exercise and hike. Just being outside of buildings with fake lighting.”

“What are your love languages?”

“What are they?”

“The different ways you like to give and receive love. They’re touch, quality time, gifts, word of affirmation, and acts of service.”

“I’d say touch and quality time. I show my appreciation of people through the time I spend with people. Time is something you can’t get back so giving someone your time is showing that you think they’re worth your time. And touch…giving and receiving energy…is something you can’t describe with words. You just have to be with someone and feel them.”

tawni-10“What’s something you want to create?”

“I have all these videos from my Europe trip and I would love to compile all that.”

“Where’d you go?”

“I went to Spain, Croatia, Switzerland, and Italy.”

“What that your first time outside the US?”

“Yeah, besides Cancun.”

“Do you feel like you changed as a person after traveling?”

‘Yeah, I think patience comes into that. While traveling in a foreign country there are so many things outside of your control and you just have to figure out. You’re gonna mess up, but in that I realized that whatever happens, it’s gonna be okay. You can function with a lot less than you think you can. Everything comes together if it’s meant to be.”tawni-11



October 13, 2016