Perry Finley

Perry-1“What are you the most passionate about?”

On a personal level it’s improving myself every day. The cumulative effect of moving an inch every day is far greater than moving a couple of feet once in awhile. In the grand scheme of things, I just want to make people smile which is I guess why I have this in my hand. If I can say that I’ve impacted one person’s life, even in the smallest way, then it’s all been worth it for me.


“What is a challenge that you had to face recently that you had to overcome?”

Getting my life to a point where I’m able to do this. Putting myself in a position where I’m able to financially, mentally and physically be able to travel across the country to do these things. It’s a challenge that has culminated over years. You can only live your life in the moment, but you can connect the dots looking backward. That puts it in a perspective of what it’s taken to be able to be here.

“Thank you for sharing that, I’m gonna take it with me.”

Take it, plant it, water it. Watch it grow and keep sprinkling that shit everywhere. 


Kristina Bakrevski

October 20, 2016