“They call me Lotus. I’m what you call an old time hippie. I got that name when I was about 20 in the French Quarter in New Orleans in 1968. I was in a spiritual family, it wasn’t a cult. In fact the teacher told everyone to question every word she said and make sure it felt true to you. She taught guru classes to become a guru of the religion. It was a place to learn. It was called Bodhi sala, which means house of the Bodhi tree.”937a9281

“My given name is Carol, and I’ve moved a lot, anyhow, I tried one time to go back to Carol, because I thought maybe it would be weird to move and tell people my name was Lotus so I tried to go back to Carol and it just didn’t work.”

“How long were you in that community?”

“A couple years.”

“Must have been pretty impactful for it to change the way you think of yourself for the rest of your life.”


937a9285“What are the biggest differences between Carol and Lotus?”

I think Lotus feels like my spiritual self. Through various rituals I experienced the oneness of everything. I’m not saying I’m an enlightened being or anything. We did full moon rituals with drums and flutes that were really fun. I also learned temple dance, which was a way to get spiritually high. We would do that and get all sweaty and tired and hungry, and then we’d have a big feast.”

“Do you feel like you have a community like that here in San Francisco?”

“You know I really don’t. I came here with a one and a half year old son and I met various mothers because I was raising him but they all moved out of town because when there kids got to be teenagers they needed more space. I’m in the process of getting to know more people right now.”

“Well I hang out at this place called The Center and it’s maybe not quite like the spiritual community you were a part of but it has a wonderful vibe. They have yoga classes, tea rooms, different events like sound healing and other rituals to activate spiritual consciousness.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s one Fillmore between Fell and Oak.”

“That sounds cool. Maybe I’ll see you at the Center.”

“I hope so.”



October 26, 2016