Azizi Dotson

azizi-1 “What does the perfect day look like to you?”

Waking up early to get some stuff done, but naturally. Feeling well-rested and energized. Spending time praying and preparing for the day, reflecting on the day before. Then doing something productive but no one telling me what to do. And then along the way, a lot of organic, human interaction, having conversations and experiencing things with people. And it would also include a lot of carbs.

azizi-2“What are you the most passionate about?”

People. I’m here to make other people’s lives better. Not at the cost of my own. On every level we should be inspiring, impacting, and exchanging. No matter what the cause is, or the scenario or time, if there are other people there, that’s what draws me in. I want you to feel loved, protected, cared for and thought of in every way.

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Kristina Bakrevski

November 2, 2016